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The Minion Game is a Python programming challenge that requires the manipulation of a given string to generate different subsets of words, which can be scored based on a specific set of rules.

It involves breaking down a string into its individual characters, identifying vowels and consonants, and creating all possible substrings using these characters.

The goal of the game is to generate as many valid words as possible, with each valid word earning a specific number of points. It is an intriguing problem that requires a good understanding of string manipulation in Python.

Problem Statement and Explanation

Kevin and Stuart have decided to play a game called ‘The Minion Game’. The game has some rules that they both must follow.

Here are the rules:

Input Format

Output Format

Return one of the following strings based on the winner:

The Minion Game Python Solution

Explanation of Solution

Time Complexity of the Solution

The for loop in the minion_game function iterates over the characters in the string. The number of characters in the string is n, so the for loop takes n iterations. Each iteration takes constant time, so the overall time complexity of the function is O(n).

Space Complexity of the Solution

The minion_game function only uses two variables, stuart_score and kevin_score. These variables are of constant size, so the overall space complexity of the function is O(1).

Test Case of the Minion Game